Kingsley Square is a New Condo development by Briarwood Homes at the heart of the bustling Newmarket in Southern Ontario. A residential project, this luxury condo is still under construction. The condo development will feature various amenities and excellent space for both commercial and residential use.


The Residencies by Kingsley Square is in Newmarket, Toronto, Southern Ontario. Kingsley Square is a New Condo development by Briarwood Homes located at Bathurst St & Davis Dr W, Newmarket. After construction, it will bring natural and contemporary lifestyles to Newmarket. The Residencies are located across the street from Southlake Health Center at Davis Drive and Patterson. Kingsley Square will offer its resident’s convenience and all the advantages of a modern lifestyle.

This project is ideal for the bedroom town of Newmarket in Toronto. Newmarket, over time, has developed into a residential area since the 1980s. It now houses a population of up to 84,224 as per the 2016 census.


The Residencies will have a border of a 2-acre park. The park is for residential use during their leisure time. The residents of Kingsley Square will get a first-class and exquisite shopping experience at the Upper Canada Mall owned by the Oxford properties, located at the northwest corner of the Davis Drive West and Yonge Street Intersection. The mall will feature sophisticated cultural venues and stunning parks and recreational sites. 


A three-story podium links the two towers of Kingsley Square. It is topped with a spectacular furnished and landscaped rooftop terrace that overlooks the public piazza lying below. The architectural design showcases the blended features of fabricated stucco panels that are glazing. It has balconies integrated with the façade, thus, creating a sense of visual texture. The first three floors relate to the street, with a horizontal use of masonry and glass.


Kingsley Square is convenient in many ways for its occupants. Its ideal location makes it easy for the residents to avail transport and routes to their daily work. Located just across the street to Southlake Health Center, there is a top healthcare facility in case of emergencies near Kingsley Square.

It allows for easy walks to the Newmarket GO stop for connecting trains to Barrie, Toronto and the middle points like Vaughn, King city, Kettleby, Markham, Pinkerton and many more. Residents can easily walk to local shopping and community centers and even parks and other green spaces.

The direct transit allows for an easy commute to Toronto via GO. On the other hand, it is just a 12-minute bus ride away to Upper Canada Mall. It is also just a 30-minute bus ride away from Costco.

The project will also add bike trails for easy and quick transportation for bikers. The new additions to the list of bike trails in Newmarket will include George Richardson Park on Bayview Parkway, Fairy Lake near Water Street, The Tannery on Davis Drive, Cane Parkway north of Mulock Drive and the Paul Semple Park on Savage Road.


Newmarket, being one of the busiest hubs in Southern Ontario, have a lot of places for residents to visit for relaxation and tours. Some well-known and worthy destinations are listed below:

Upper Canada Mall- Located around the mall, it will be easy for residents to access the services and facilities at the mall. The mall attracts thousands of locals and foreigners because of the class service, dining and premium brands that it features. It is a compelling neighborhood amenity. 

Fairy Lake Park- Fairy Lake Park is located on Water Street. It is an urban oasis at the heart of Newmarket. It is an ideal place for a leisurely walk, joy or bicycling. The lake is not too big and can be circumnavigated within 30-40 minutes.

Holland Marsh Wineries- The Holland Marsh Wineries is a premium winery dedicated to the art of producing top-quality wines from handcrafted vineyards situated in the Newmarket premises.

Newmarket Riverwalk Commons- Located outside the Newmarket Community Center, the Newmarket Riverwalk Commons at 200 Doug Duncan Drive features an outdoor stage. It hosts various Newmarket events all year long. Some notable events include Music in the Park, Moonlight Movies, Kanata Summer Festival, Winter Wonderland, the Newmarket Ice Lounge and many, many more. The beautiful community space also has an ice-skating rink called the Tim Hortons Skating at the Water Feature. During the winter months, the area becomes an outdoor ice rink. Conversely, in the summer months, it is transformed into an outdoor water feature.

Tom Taylor Trail- The Tom Taylor Tailor is an 8.5-kilometre moderately trafficked point-to-point trail located near Aurora. It features a lake. The trail is suitable for people with all skill levels of training experience. It is primarily for walking, running and road biking. But it can also be used for dogs. However, the dogs must be kept on a leash.


The project has been designed and helmed by the Kohn Partnership Architects. Kohn Partnership Architects have been advancing architectural design for over 20 years. They claim that their architectural design solutions contribute to the growth and vibrancy of the cities. 

They had previously designed residential buildings like the Zibi Block 206 and commercial spaces like the Shoppe at Stonegate. The Shoppe at Stonegate, located at the Backyard Neighborhood Condos in Etobicoke, is a 2-storey commercial development. The Shoppe at Stonegate includes amenities for the local residents and even the surrounding neighborhood.

All in all, Kingsley Square is an ideal place for Ontario-based as well as international buyers. The Residencies will open in the fall of this year for public purchase.

Image Source: Importer Exporter and West End based Leslieville enthusiast | Flickr


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