The Ultimate Revelation of Canadian Architecture Award Winners


Canadian Architect Magazine is proud to announce the advantage award winner. Advantage of the annual award design for projects in the design and phase of construction, and past student work.

Moreover, projects must be resolved by architects living in Canada, or by graduates of Canadian architecture schools living in Canada or abroad. Awards are given to the advantages of architectural design. The jury will consider the scheme's response to client programs, site, geographical, and/or urban context. 

They will evaluate their physical organizations, forms, composition, building systems, concepts, processes, structures, materials, environmental features, and/or demonstrations of social awareness.

This year's program also includes architectural photography awards. Judges include Bebawi Hemp from Kanva, Joe Lobko from Daha, and Cindy Wilson from LWPAC / Smart City. Ema Peter's photographer is an additional member of the jury for a photo award.

Looking for some maple-scented architectural inspiration? You're in luck now, owing to a new interactive map created in partnership with the Canadian architect magazine by Atlas research on examples in architecture and the supported environment.

The new map displays a comprehensive list of more than 500 Magazine's annual award winners since 1968. The list is generated using data collected by M.Arch students at Université de Montréal and displays both completed and unfinished projects.

This project was funded in part by the Canadian research seat in architecture, competition, and mediation of the superiority of the Social Sciences and the Canadian Humanities Research Council (SSHRC).

In addition, the Canada Architect Awards Excellence design and construction are considered to be the highest recognition for current Canadian architects and projects. The award program shares that the entry itself "shows that the Canadian architect still produces innovative designs that are sensitive to their physical, social and environmental context."

Awards for Canadian Architect

For 54 years, the National Magazine award has recognized design excellence in future projects. It is also the 4th year of our advantage photo award, marking the latest photos of the best Canadian buildings. 

The project entered into the advantage award must be:

(a) in the design stage

(b) scheduled for construction

(c) is being built but not substantially completed by the specific date.

All projects must be assigned by clients to build a proposal submitted. All types of buildings and urban design schemes are briefly presented to qualify. Awards are given to the advantages of architectural design. The jury shall examine the following criteria:

  • Organizations and physical forms, including attention to composition and detail
  • Responses to programs, sites, geographies, social and/or urban
  • Innovation in concepts, processes, materials, building systems, and/or implementation
  • Demonstration of exemplary environmental performance, including available support metrics
  • The use of designs to advance spatial and social justice, and/or to support the vision of reconciliation, equity, and inclusion.

Offer open benefit awards to all Canadian architects and graduates of architecture. They entered buildings that can be developed for locations in or beyond Canada. Buildings entered can be designed for sites in Canada or abroad. Foreign architects are allowed to submit if they partner with Canadian registered architects for the work sent.

Moreover, in the cycle award, there are new requirements: for projects that have developed the energy performance model, now the resulting report must be delivered as a separate document. 

If the project has not developed an energy model, energy performance metrics are not needed.

This year's competition also includes Canadian architect Photo Awards Excellence. The prize honours the greatest photographs of Canadian architecture taken in the previous two years. Photo awards open for professional photographers and amateurs.

The jury decided the number of awards and assessed them based on the following criteria:

  • Excellence in site design and public contribution
  • Suitable direction, scale, design, materiality, and contextual integration
  • Scaling, massing, material, and functionality excellence in architectural design
  • Landscape Architecture Excellence Energy efficiency, sustainability, flexibility or resilience
  • Implementation quality
  • Innovation

Ronald McDonald House BC & Yukon by RAIC 2021 Architectural Firm Award winner Michael Green Architecture. Photo credit: Ed White.

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